tarot counselor & aromatherapist

Terry Yoder

Terry Yoder is an internationally known psychic medium, tarot card counselor, inspirational speaker, and spiritual educator. He opened to his work in 1979 after a near death experience. Since the beginning of his practice, Terry has been of help and service to thousands of clients from around the world. Terry provides consultations and aromatherapy services in San Francisco and Moraga. He travels the U.S. frequently to work with groups of clients, conduct speaking engagements, and to participate in holistic and metaphysical expositions. Terry has also hosted and been hosted on numerous radio and television programs. 

Terry provides Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Counseling, Reiki and Aromatherapy sessions. 

Blessed with the gifts of emotional empathy, keen intuition and a roundedness, Terry’s consultations are often reported as life changing. Passionate in the use of his multiple gifts, Terry provides supportive and transformative coaching sessions that bring great light, increased sense of well-being, personal transformation, and improved quality of life. Terry cares tremendously for his clients, and the messages he receives are delivered with a sense of loving kindness, great clarity, and are always free of judgment. 

Specializing in:

  • Tarot Counseling / Psychic Mediumship

  • Emotional Empathy

  • Relationships

  • Life Changes

  • Emotional/Spiritual Blocks

  • Aromatherapy/Reiki

  • Religious Recovery

  • Tarot / Psychic Development Classes

  • Inspirational Speaking 

I love what I do! It is my joy and my passion! I was born with an internal need to be of help and service to others and it has always been a natural path in my life. Having the ability to hold space for someone who is seeking to move from a place of feeling stuck, helping others find the emotional roots of personal challenges, aiding clients in clearing these pathways, and realizing their true desires, is what I love to do. 

I especially enjoy helping clients access the unconditional love and clarity found in the spiritual world to aid those struggling in the physical world. Through my sessions I provide a bridge for guidance and clarity to come through to my clients. Teaching, and inspiring others that they too have the same abilities to access these gifts is truly one of my missions in this life.

hours: Mondays and Fridays
phone: 415 252 1098
e-mail: clairvoyant.terryyoder@gmail.com
To schedule a session with Terry: terryyoder.com/news/appointment-booking-2/